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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Starting a brand new season

I am ending the long fruitful or rather not so fruitful season with Blogger..
coz it has invited not many visitors as I had expected..
and I am disappointed with this system for
not providing many utilities which are must
for a serious minded blogger.
So moving on with my own personal blog and knowlegde management zone
at a new scale and level ..

Wish to see your footprints out there... so long !!!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Diving deep in SOA

I am working currently on the service oriented architecture implementation in JAVA with the newly launched web service pack JWSDP 2.0 by Sun Microsystems which include working on the different api's like JAXP, JAXM, JAXR, JAX-RPC, JAXB and finally the leader of all JAX-WS. Its a sophisticated pack complete with the set of tools to assist in any kind of requirements for handling a web service for any organisation. The research work on this field has been delegated amongst me and my team mates and I in particular am currently dealing with the implementation issues for JAXB which is a supreme framework for generation of classe from XML schemas and XML parsing alongwith XSD or DTD validations. It moves over the concept of XML parsing as has been maintained all this long by legacy parsers like SAX and DOM altogeher to new heights. The mainf feature I am completely impressed is the XML bindings given through the means of XSD for implementing customizations in the generated classes. The main analogy of using JAXB is to enable the applications which hold XML databases to the Object Oriented Principles and gain the power of programatically feeding and storing information retaining the security of the schema through objects which are automatically generated by JAXB.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Saints from Hell

I am writing this post for the first time from my company. And I am not here due to some deadlines or pleasure to work in late hours. Its because of the blood hounds who tamper and play with people's life by putting the innocent souls to rest by means of keeping bombs in the same comparments which were meant for them to reach their destination with a dream in their eyes of fullfilling the wishes of their families after returning from their work. The rascals causing such obstruction will never give up their pathetic ventures in making a life out of others. I just made sure that my freinds and family members are safe and sound and am feeling relaxed. But as I step into the shoes of those who are struck with tragedies, life seems bitter than watching death come nearby. I fail to understand the underlying cause of such barbarism, the misery of blood for blood, the never subsiding nature of human needs all to add in to the upbringing pathos. God! please take my life away or stop making me watch people do such henious crimes. It isnt pretty in any sense!!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Lost in Translation

Sometimes there's a particular phase in your life which makes you think "Aw, C'mon which way am I supposed to go now? I am clueless".I think I am going through the same phase and particularly when it comes into introspection about my career. I am absolutely clueless about the path I have to choose from hereon to reach the uncanny destination which I seem to perceive every now and then. The destination to be the perfectionist and attain expertise in whatever fragment of an arena I have ever dwelt upon till now.

Its unattainable yet believing it to be happening somewhere along the span ignites the deep lying dormat excitement of doing the work in the right spirit now.Maybe or maybe not I might be able to perceive it into reality at all but for the present the goal seem to be lost amongst hefty demands of the brain which make me succumb to the mere thought of losing to the paradigms defined for a human feat.

Its possible says the heart and the adrenalin gushes up in the blood to make every moment come alive in the upbringing of the thought process and the mind in the moment starts to reel and the soul finally get lost in translating these different predicament which I have to realize in this short span. God help me!!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Back with a Bang

Finally, yes finally i am back with a bang!!!
This seems so exciting to make a comeback so loud and clear that it feels like immortality for me. Yes this is the real world for me even though virtual. I feel all the heritage of the past run through by my skin, like some one close me coming by my ear and saying "i was waiting for you all these years and now you are hear my dear".

So what does it all mean?
It only means I have regained my original form and now ready to take on some action. Being the chosen one aint that easy you see. Haha. Good joke. It feels so energetic that I cant come below of thinking like a superhero coz the powers are like ounces of blood that a shark far away from the source can smell and come in search of it, just like a nomadic seeing an oasis in a desert comes for it thinking his thrist will drift away!! With all these great powers, come great responsibilities. Who am I .... I am the chosen one... meant to take over the world in a few moments from now .. and the countdown begins here.... 10.9.8............... hahahaha

Exclusive : Coming back in form, Nitin has gone insane, maybe some evil forces have prevailed in him while he was fighting for survival. Age no bar, here he goes now again..... aar ya paar....

Coming Soon : Nitin goes in the boom zone..... watch out for his antics.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Goodbye for three months!!

As I am going to start my training programme at L&T Infotech Ltd. Mahape I will have to stay in their accomodation for 3 months which happens to be the duration of the training since it would be impossible for me to travel. The training schedule is 12 hours per day and 6 days per week and it takes almost 4-5 hours to travel in a day to reach the training center from my residence. Since we don't have access to the net I wont be able to post in my blog atleast for 3 months. So long then....

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Monday, January 09, 2006

Host Name Resolution

I wonder why havent the mobile companies come up with a scheme which I would prefer calling HNS or the "Host Name Server". I am thinking it in terms of the DNS or the "Domain Name Server" which is an integral part now in the world wide web without which it would be literally impossible for us to remember the address of a number of sites as they would have to be accessed with their IP address and not as something like "". So why not apply the same in case of mobiles?

For any person, names are the most easiest to remember than a huge list of numbers. Given a minutes and 10 mobile numbers and 10 names a person , without doubt, that person would remember atleast 5 names and not a single number. Its a universal phenomenon and I am surprised as to why the mobile manufacturing companies havent traversed this path.

With an implementation of the concept as an HNS each person round the globe would have a particular ID and no matter which mobile piece he uses his ID would safely be stored in a central server due to which the problems arising in updating the numbers of a person on event of a new card would, for the better, be avoided. Now one problem which can be faced, is the existence of a large number of brands. But according to me several phone numbers can be alloted to the persons ID as we have multiple landline numbers existing for the same address.

So for dialing a person, one has to enter only the person's ID and the HNS would have all the mobile numbers which are currently being used by the person being called. The HNS would resolve the numbers and if one mobile cannot be reached or say, is out of usage the other mobile would be tried by the HNS. In this way the person calling wont have to dial several numbers of get frustrated in event he hasnt got the changed number of the person whom he intends to call. In this way all miseries can be solved.

But I know there might be several scientists out there who must have tried to make this work but still I am amazed that it hasnt been yet implemented... or am i missing on some huge drawback on this concept!! But all will agree, this concept would definitely make life much much simpler...

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